U200T (5 Axis)


  • Model/DetailsU200T (5 Axis)
    Maximum    spindle speed20000rpm
    Spindle Motor    Power5.5kw
    TravelX    600mm
    Y 400mm
    Z 300mm
    A ±110°
    C 360°
    Axis Max    SpeedX    48m/min
    Y 48m/min
    Z 48m/min
    A 100rpm
    C 200rpm
    Number of    Tool Holders21
    AccuracyX/Y/Z    ±0.008
    A 6″ arc
    C 6″ arc
    Repeat    Positioning AccuracyX/Y/Z    ±0.005
    A 4″ arc
    C 4″ arc
    Standard Configurations1. LYNUC N5 five-axis CNC system
    2. Large parts of high rigidity structure machine
    3. Headstock balancing system unit
    4. Precision spindle unit
    5. Handheld portable operating unit
    6. Precision rolling guide pair
    7. LCD display
    8. Precision ball screw pair
    9. Three-color indicator light
    10. Pneumatic system
    11. Main motor and servo motor
    12. Timing and quantitative automatic lubrication system
    13. Electric cabinet heat exchanger
    14. Special bearing set for P4 screw rod
    15. Machine tool outer protective cover
    16. Machine tool guideway protective cover
    Optional    Devices1. One-year    warranty for the Spindle and four- and five-axis turntables, and two-year    warranty for other parts;
    2. Provide side head installation assistance services;
    Optional    Control SystemSiemens



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