U200 (5 Axis)


Model/DetailsU200 (5 Axis)
Maximum  spindle speed30000rpm
Spindle Motor  Power7.5kw
TravelX  400mm
Y 650mm
Z 250mm
A ±110°
C 360°
Axis Max  SpeedX  15m/min
 Y 15m/min
Z 15m/min
A 100rpm
C 200rpm
Number of  Tool Holders14
AccuracyX/Y/Z  ±0.008
               A 6″ arc
C 6″ arc
Repeat  Positioning AccuracyX/Y/Z  5μm
               A 4″ arc
C 4″ arc
Standard Configurations1. LYNUC N5 five-axis CNC system
2. X, Y, Z, A, C axis AC servo drive
3. A, C-axis Renishaw circular encoder
4. X, Y, Z three-axis lubrication system
5. Spindle oil cooling system
6. NBT30-14 bit servo tool magazine
7. Machine tool cleaning air gun
8. LED work light
9. LED warning light
10. Toolbox and anchor screws
11. Transformer
12. Mechanical, Electrical, Operating Instructions
13. Electrical box constant temperature air conditioner
14. Three-axis slide rail telescopic cover
15. Precision tool setting instrument
Brand of main componentsX/Y/Z Linear Guide Rail Meehanite
Linear Rail X Axis    Kate(Class H Roller 30 width)
Linear Rail Y Axis    Kate(Class H Roller 30 width)
Linear Rail Z Axis    Kate(Class H Roller 30 width)
Screw Rod X/Y/Z Axis HIWIN(OD 32mm/C3 class)
A/C Turntable HAOZHI    180
Electric Spindle    HOYXI
X/Y/Z Triaxial Bearing THT
Screw Prepull Nut    YSK
Oil Lubrication    BAOTN
Constant TEMP Water Cooling    RIKO
Fluorescent Lamp    LED
X/Y/Z Three-Axis Drive    YASKAWA ∑850W
A/C Axis Drive    Servotronix AC Servo Drive
A/C Axis Optical Ruler    Renishaw RA26BAA100B10A 23
Electric Component Contorl System    LYNUC N5
Frequency Converter KOBE
X/Y/Z Axis Servo Motor    YASKAWA 0.85KW Servo Motor
Hand Pulse Generator Tosoku
Potential Transformer China
Relay Module    OMRON
Electromagnetic Contactor/Electromagnetic Switch SCHNEIDER
Proximity Switches OMRON
Pneumatic Component    KOGANEI
Electric Control Box Heat Exchanger RIKO
Spindle Constant TEMP Oil Cooler RIKO
Optional  Devices1.  One-year warranty for the Spindle and four- and five-axis turntables, and  two-year warranty for other parts;
2. Provide side head installation assistance services;
Optional  Control SystemSiemens



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