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    Maximum spindle speed5000rpm
    Spindle Motor Power11
    TravelX 500
    Y 100
    Z 500
    Axis Max SpeedX 26m/min
    Z 26m/min
    Axis Motor PowerX 1.8kw
    Z 1.8kw
    Bar Hole Diameterφ52mm
    Spindle Hole Diameter/
    Number of Tool Holders8-12
    Repeat Positioning Accuracy3.5μm
    Standard Configurations·Machine tool x1
    ·Cooling system x1
    ·Hydraulic system xl
    ·Lubricating device x1
    ·Internal lighting device x1
    ·Forward and reverse cutter holder x1″
    ·Collet chuck x2 Foot adjuster x4
    ·Cylindrical cutter holder x2 Foot switch x1
    ·Inner hole cutter holder x4 ·Technical manual x1
    ·Lateral cutter holder x3
    Brands of main component1. NSK Imported bearings
    2. Taiwan HIWIN Ball screw
    3. Taiwan HIWIN Steel tape quide rail
    4. Chyun Tseh motor
    5. SHANGHAI Spindle motor
    6. CHANDOX chuck
    7. Taiwan Precision skeeve spinde
    8. YASKAWA servo driver
    9. KTSK Spindle servo driver
    10. Spindle servo motor
    11. YASKAWA servo motor
    12. Regulating valve/ Solenoid Valve
    13. SYNTEC Newest Panel
    14. KTSK Inverter
    15. Inverter
    16. Lubricating pump
    17. Rotated cylinder
    18. Oil pump
    Standard Control SystemSYNTEC
    Optional Devices·Twelve station servo turret
    ·Chain plate type automaticchip removal machine
    ·Oil bath type automatic feeder
    ·Different models of tool apron
    ·Foot switch xl
    Optional SystemFanuc/ Mitsubishi



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