CNC Hydraulic Shears & NC Mechanical Shears


  • UFTEC shears have steel constructed frame with rigid structural steel All shears have modem devan construction and high technology standards to provide cost efficient production and perfec cutting quality Swing Beam & Variable Riske Shears backgauge has automatic seg-up feature to prevent matenal from jamming and in addition to feed longer sheets, the backgauge bar swings up automatically after travel of the backgauge to the end position

  • V-Shear: vanable rake shears the rake angle adjustment is done automatically by CNC controller Reducing the rake angle gives an advantage to reduce distortion and twisting on thin and narrow material also increases the cutting quality, precision and allows fast cut

  • 5-Shear, swing beam hydraulic shears are easy to use with high safety standards Add value to you workshop by S-Shear with precise cutting quality and effective production cost

  • MR & MH & M-Shear, Mechanical shears are designed for excellent cutting: Silent running direct anve sytem with brake motor and low energy consumption provides efficient operation with an affordable price UPTEC mechanical shears have tow investment cost and thanks to compact design which provides easy installation and operation In addition to this MR-Shears have Return to Sender feature so you can work in small areas and increase productivity. You can collect the big med sheets at the back and small sized sheets at the front so you can have faster cutting with minima requirement. It is very useful for mass production



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